ASC Bylaws

Bylaws of the Annisquam Sewing Circle

Revised JUNE 14, 2022

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Annisquam Sewing Circle, a standing committee of the Annisquam Village Hall Association, is to promote the furtherance of friendship and congeniality and the performance of acts of benevolence.

A) Members

1) There shall be three categories of membership: Active, Associate and Honorary. The number of Active members shall not exceed 55 members hand the number of Associate members shall not exceed 20.

a) An Active member, unless excused for extenuating circumstances, shall attend at least six regular meetings a year and participate in Circle activities. Annual dues for Active members shall be payable at the first meeting in September.

b) An Associate member has been an active member for at least ten years. If at anytime after ten years, she wishes to become an Associate member, she may apply to the Membership Committee for a change in status. An Associate member is welcome at all meetings, may serve on committees, may propose new members, has full voting rights, and is expected to participate in Circle activities. Annual dues for Associate members shall be payable at the first meeting in September.

c) An Honorary member has been a participating member for many years and is extended this category of membership as an honor for her services. An Honorary member is welcome at all meetings, may serve on committees, may propose new members, has full voting rights, and may participate in all Circle activities. Honorary members shall pay no dues.

B) Membership

1) Membership shall be by invitation only. The name of a proposed member shall be presented to the Membership Committee on an application form. The Membership Chair shall present this application to the Sewing Circle at a regular meeting, and the applicant will be voted upon. Upon approval, the Circle member who has proposed the new member will be expected to provide guidance to that member throughout her first year. Names of candidates may be presented to the Membership Committee by Circle members at any time during the year. In the event that the membership is full, names of prospective members shall be placed on a waiting list until a vacancy occurs. A proposed member shall not be invited to visit until her membership has been approved.

2) A prospective member must be a resident of Annisquam* at the time of her election. If a member moves out of Annisquam, she may remain a member as long as she fulfills her duties as a member.

3) An Active, Associate or Honorary member may propose no more than one new person or membership within a calendar year.

4) Membership for the Annisquam Village Church Minister. The sitting minister or minister’s wife will be invited to join the Circle as an Honorary member for the duration of his or her term as minister.

5) Failure to pay dues for two years shall terminate membership for both Active or Associate members.

6) Member expectations:

Each Active and Associate member shall participate in group and individual efforts that will contribute to the success of the Christmas Fair and all other fundraising events. Each Active member is expected to be a tea hostess for one tea during the year.

C) Officers

1) The officers shall include a President or two Co-Presidents, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary.

2) Terms of Office: The term of office shall begin at the close of the annual meeting. In general, officers shall serve two years. In the event of an officer having to retire before the end of her term, the President(s) shall appoint another member to fill the vacancy.

3) Duties of Officers

a) The President(s) shall call and preside over meetings. She/they shall appoint heads of projects as necessary to carry on the activities of the Circle. She/they shall represent the Sewing Circle on the Village Hall Association Board of Directors.

b) The Vice-President shall assist the President and be prepared to assume the duties of President if and when the President cannot be present. The Vice-President shall be the preferred candidate for President, when the current President’s term is finished, but is not obligated to serve as such.

c) The Treasurer shall be in charge of monies coming in and out; shall be prepared to report the state of finances at meetings; shall be in charge of special funds such as the Scholarship Fund.

d) The Recording Secretary shall record attendance, keep minutes of each meeting and present these at meetings. The minutes will be made available to members via email and posted on the website. Copies of the minutes will be sent to the Annisquam Historical Society annually.

e) The Corresponding Secretary/Sunshine shall send cards and flowers to members who are ill, bereaved or in need of cheer and encouragement. (It is the obligation of the membership to keep her informed.)

4) Duties of Appointed Committees/Chairwoman

a) The Membership Committee consists of the Committee Chair, and if she so desires, any other members that she deems necessary. She is to serve for two years. This committee will receive membership applications from the members and present these for vote at Circle meetings. She shall notify new members of their election and inform them of the member expectations. She will also be responsible for any Active member who would like to become an Associate member, and inform them of their continuing obligations to the Circle. The Membership Committee will review attendance, participation and payment of dues annually and address continued membership with anyone not fulfilling requirements of membership.

b) The Nominating Committee consists of three Active members appointed by the President(s), each to serve for three years, one member to retire and be replaced each year by the President(s) at the annual meeting. The senior member shall serve as Committee Chair. It shall be the duty of the committee to meet each spring (or when necessary, if vacancies occur before an end of term) to assess upcoming openings and create a slate for needed officers and committee chairs. The slate shall be presented at the Annual Meeting. Election shall be by the majority vote of the membership present.

c) The Finance Committee consists of one person appointed by the Nominating Committee to serve a term of two years with the President(s) and the Treasurer. The Chairwoman may add other members to the committee as she sees fit. This committee shall present recommendations of Cape Ann non-profit organizations to receive gifts, and in what amount, each year. Once the organizations have been chosen, the Chairwoman shall report this to the Membership via email. The recommendations will be accepted by a majority vote of members present at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

d) The Hospitality Committee consists of one person appointed by the Nominating Committee to serve a term of two years. She shall be in charge of scheduling hostesses for each meeting, for keeping supplies of tea, sugar, etc. in stock and for reminding hostesses of their turn.

e) The Scholarship Committee consists of one person appointed by the Nominating Committee to serve a term of two years. She shall make it known within the Annisquam Sewing Circle community that we have monies for scholarships available to Annisquam residents* as they graduate from high school and prepare to continue their formal education. She shall receive applications, present these applications to the Membership for vote, and notify candidates. She may ask another member for assistance if she needs it.

D Executive Board

1) The Executive Board shall consist of the Officers of the Circle, the immediate past President(s) and the chairs of the standing committees.

2) The Executive Board shall meet upon the call of the President or three members of the Board.

E) Finances

1) The fiscal year shall be from July 1 – June 30.

2) The President, Vice President and Treasurer shall each have signing ability over the Sewing Circle funds.

F) Meetings

1) The Circle shall meet every second Tuesday of the month from September through May.

2) The Annual Meeting shall be in the month of June at the discretion of the President at which time the Membership will hear year-end reports and elect officers by a majority vote of members present.

3) Quorum: Ten members present in person, or joining by electronic connection, shall constitute a quorum at all meetings of the circle. In the event a quorum is not present, a meeting may be adjourned until such time as a quorum is declared. At such time, any business may be transacted which might have been transacted at the meeting as originally called.

G) Bylaws

1) When deemed necessary, the President(s) shall nominate a committee to review the bylaws.

2) The bylaws committee will send proposed changes out to the membership at least five days prior to a regularly scheduled meeting.

3) The proposed changes will be on the agenda for consideration at that meeting.

4) A vote to adopt the changes to the bylaws will be made by a majority vote of the members present at a subsequent meeting.

H) Branding
1) The drawing done by Francis F. Vandermark will be the official logo and used, wherever appropriate, to represent the Sewing Circle.

*Annisquam to be generally defined as Dennison Street to Revere Street, Nashua Ave. and the rest of the village.

Areas in full color are considered “Annisquam” according to the ASC Bylaws.


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