Annual Christmas Fair Information

ASC Annual Christmas Fair

Members To-Do List

This information was adapted from a list by our Past President, Anne Mannle. Details may change year to year.

Notes: The Fair has four parts: Workshops, Greens Week, the Fair and the Luncheon (Amended – due to the COVID pandemic the luncheon is not long part of the Fair – 2023)

Dates: Workshops organized by Members are held any time during the year. The Bow Making Workshops start in November and are organized by Members who volunteer to head up that project. Ribbons and bow-making equipment are provided by the ASC.

Greens Week – Monday through Friday in the Village Hall prior to the Fair. The Christmas Fair is held on the first Saturday in December.  The Luncheon takes place immediately after the closing of the Fair. (Amended – The Casseroles will be ordered starting at the November meeting and picked up and paid for by Friday of Greens Week – 2023)

Historically the ASC has the use of the Village Hall for the week prior to the Christmas Fair. Wreaths are decorated, bows are made, boxwood trees produced and special order items prepared. During that week you will be instructed when to bring your craft, food, jewelry, grabs and any additional items requested. Food and beverages are provide by member volunteers during the week. Signup sheets are circulated during the November meeting for shifts at the tables during the Fair, for food donations for the Luncheon and Luncheon reservations. (Amended – Sign-up will be for chicken for the casseroles – 2023)

Each Member is asked to participate to the best of her abilities. The following is a Guide. Workshops and Greens Week are wonderful opportunities to get to know others in the Circle.

Greens Week

  • 8 AM to Noon
  • Dress warmly & comfortably
  • Bring your garden clippers & gloves.
  • Dress warmly & comfortably
  • Greens collected by Members from their yards are used for decoration.
  • Instructions from Greens Chair(s) will be sent out via email

Day before the Fair:

  • Tables are rearranged for the Fair
  • Each group sets up their table displays

Day of the Fair:

  • Signup sheets will have been circulated during the November meeting to man the tables
  • Shifts: 8 – 9, 9 – 10, 10 – 11, 11 – 12 (amended to 7:45-9, 9-10, 10-11, 11-12, 12-1 for 2023)
  • Members circulate to answer customers’ questions
  • Assist buyers in adding their purchases to their sales cards which each buyer should have upon entering the Hall
  • The cards are given to the checkout team by the buyers


  • Three (3) items wrapped and labeled : woman, man, child or pet (Amended – new catagories are being added – check with Grabs Cahirs- 2023). You will be told what items are needed at the November meeting by the Grabs Chair.
  • The Grabs are sold for $2 each. (amended – $5 – 2023)
  • With that in mind, try to keep your cost under $5.
  • Bring in items during Greens Week

Bows Workshop

  • One or two members volunteer to host Bow Making in their home(s) prior Greens Week.
  • In addition, Bow Making continues during Greens Week.


  • Craft workshops can be held by members during the year in their homes
  • Two (2) crafts should be donated by each member
  • If you are better at baking, swap your two crafts with a member for her additional two Gourmet food items.
  • Label your Crafts with content, size, instructions, price – any information the buyer would want to know plus your name.
  • Let the Craft Chair know if you want the items back if they do not sell or should the items be donated to Second Glance or other organizations
  • Bring items in during the Greens Week. (Amended – Bring in by end of day Wednesday – 2023)


Dates, times and locations will be discussed at the November meeting.

  • Wire cones
  • Wire mini ribbons

Gourmet foods

  • Package attractively
  • Label if there are nuts, tomatoes or any other ingredients that consumers should be aware of
  • Bring your  items to the Hall during Greens Week on Friday am


  • Bring your jewelry items anytime during Greens Week, Monday – Friday
  • The Jewelry Chair(s) will price the items and arrange the items on the assigned table on Friday




Note: Due to COVID the Luncheon has not been held. The casseroles have been available to the members the week  prior to the Fair.



Members provide the food for the Luncheon.

Sign-up sheets are circulated during the November meeting. Luncheon Chair selects her Staff: Kitchen, Servers, Pie cutting.

Foods needed for the Luncheon

  • Cooked chicken is due Thursday morning of Greens Week
  • Place your cooked chicken meat in a zip lock bag
  • Place the bag in the refrigerator in the Village Hall’s kitchen
  • Leave pieces whole, please do not cut up
  • Salads are due Saturday am
    • Greens
    • Jellied
    • Other
  • Pies for the Luncheon are due Saturday before 10 am 

Luncheon Reservations

  • Make your Reservations for the Luncheon with Linette French, 978-283-2247, email: [email protected]
  • Invite your family and friends
  • All members must pay for their meal
  • Please pay for reservations before the day of  the Fair.
  • Luncheon Set Up
    • 11:30 to 12:15.
    • Move the tables & chairs in from the barn to the hall
    • Set them up,
    • Put on the tablecloths
    • Place chairs around the tables
    • Set the tables with plates, napkins, silverware, water cups, centerpieces, salt & pepper, etc.
    • This job is somewhat tricky as it takes place during the last bit of the Fair and the time slot is very small to get this done.
    • If the stage is used for Luncheon Guests, that can be done ahead.
  • Final Clean Up
    • This takes place about 1:30 or when the Luncheon Guests are finished.
    • Move tables back into the barn
    • Move chairs back into the chair closet or into the barn.
    • Sweep the floors
    • Removing any trash. (If there is an event in the Hall in the evening, a few designated tables might be left.