Organizing the Christmas Fair Craft Table

Annisquam Sewing Circle Notes for Organizing the Crafts Table for the Christmas Fair

It is never too early to mention that craft making can happen at any time of the year. Guiding members with suggestions throughout the year is helpful to avoid the pressure of creating something in late November. Each Active Member is expected to donate two crafts for the Fair.

In the past few years occasional small group workshops, as well as regularly scheduled sewing and knitting groups have enabled many members to make a craft. We encourage any member who has an idea for a craft to share it with the membership.

As for the chairwomen, the tasks for them usually begin in late October or early November when members begin to bring craft items to meetings. The following is a list of some of the tasks to be done leading up to the Fair:
• Have the ASC President email members the following information to be included with a craft:

    • Member’s name
    • Describe the item if it’s use is not obvious
    • Include special washing or care instructions, if appropriate
    • Give a suggested price for your craft
    • Write a note if you wish the item to be returned if it does not sell (Otherwise your craft will be donated to a charitable organization such as Wellspring, Action, Second Glance, etc.

Find a place to store craft items (There is not a lot of space at the Village Hall, especially for delicate items, knit items or special silent auction items.)
Share some of the crafts that come in early at the October and November meetings and give some ideas of what types of things have sold in the past
Make a list of the crafts as they come in with item description, donor’s name, price, and if the craft needs to be returned (**See attached sheet for a sample template)
Work with your co-chair or committee to attach ASC labels with the price and
description. Add a blue dot if the item is to be returned. If the item is not priced, set a price and label it.
Ask some members to help set up the craft table on the Friday morning, before the Fair.
Ask Connie or Linette if they will lend us some of the three-tiered wooden stands from the Exchange to display some of the crafts.
Find members who would like to work at the Craft table at the Fair.
Find members who would be willing to help with clean up after the Fair.
Remind members that they are responsible for checking to see if their crafts have sold or not if they want them returned.
The chairwomen will bring items that do not sell to one of the local charities mentioned above.
Find a storage place for any crafts that should be saved for the Fair the next year.

Gigs Cunningham and Rosalie Hughes, Craft Table Co-chairs – 1/5/23