Workshop – Fire Starter Project


Fire Starters Project


Find pinecones, acorns, other burnable plant materials.
Gather candle ends & sort by color.
Collect tin cans.
Gather sauce pans.
Clear, packaging film.
Clear tape.
Butcher’s twine for wicks.
Forms will be needed. Silicone forms work best and make tidy shapes that are easier to package.
Packaging and be preprinted and cut ahead. Card stock works well. Pattern included.
Protect work surfaces.


Fill cans partway with the candles.
Place tins in a saucepan with water to come ⅔ of the way up the can.
Melt the candles.
Cut wicks into 4” to 6” pieces.
Place a wick into each form.
Add some plant materials on top of the wick.
Pour in wax to the top of the form and allow to set.
Remove from the form when completely cooled.
Package and wrap with clear film taping securely.

Instructions: Place one Fire Starter near the base of your kindling with the wick drawn toward you. Light the wick. The Fire Starters can be used in a fire pit, wood stove, fireplace or any other fire. This is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children.