Plans for the 2021 Christmas Fair Greens Prep

Christmas Greens Plan – 2021

  • The wreaths are ordered and will be delivered Monday, Nov. 29th!
  • Decorating will begin on Monday, Nov. 29th and continue through Friday, Dec. 3rd.
  • We will be decorating in the Exchange and the Leonard Club;
  • A “work” schedule will be put together early next week and will be sent to the membership – as in the past, with instructions for signing up.

Wreath Orders:

  • Emails and phone calls are going out daily to those who have bought wreaths in the past.
  • Anyone who has not been contacted and wishes to order, and/or work, please email Stevie at [email protected].
  • To date the response has been fantastic!  But we always need more orders!
  • Wreaths are available in two Sizes:
    12”   –  outside dimension – 22”
    16”   –  outside dimension – 28”
    Larger sizes  (24” , 30”, 36” and  48” ) available upon request.

Bows – steered by Sue Harris and Pam Saylor

Goal is 200 plus bows – so many thanks to all for your hard work which continues!

Pine Cones – Joline Hentschel  volunteered to spearhead wiring.

  • We count on you to collect cones for wiring!
  • Please put in paper bags
  • Leave in Stevie’s red barn on Walnut Street –
  • Use side door!
  • Please NO white pine cones – too sticky.


  • Always need greens.
  • Please leave on tarp on right side of the Exchange – AFTER Thanksgiving!
  • No hemlock please!
  • But Juniper berries are great, especially this year – as long as not falling off branch!

Boxwood Trees

  • As usual, Lyn Fenollosa is organizing the making of 12 trees to be sold online,
  • 20 Amaryllis are growing!
  • Call Bonnie at 617-283-9894 if interested in buying one or two!

Stay tuned for more info as we move forward!
AND most important of all – THANK YOU ALL for helping make this operation come to life!

Questions, Suggestions – contact Bonnie at [email protected] or [email protected].

Bonnie & Stevie, Greens Chairs