ASC Sewing Workshop

Scheduled Meetings

Supplies available – Check here first

What fabric is this? How to test?


Yes, We do know how to sew!

If you were not a member when the Circle celebrated its 175th Anniversary or have not seen this video taken that night, you might enjoy watching it.
Not only do we sew but do so much more!
For those who do sew, we could start a Sewing Workshop.
    • A few years back Gigs created a hand-sewn child’s apron which flew off the Craft Table.
    • A carry-bag for a paddle for Pickleball or Paddle Tennis has been suggested.
    • Mini tote bags to keep in the car
    • Potholders might be an idea.
If you would like to join or to organize a group that would be fantastic!
I believe the ASC has a sewing machine available. If you have a stash of fabric, thread or findings that need a new home, please let me know. I will collect and find new places for them.
I am willing to set up the Zoom meeting, send emails, gather supplies if that would help.