ASC Potholder

These lovely potholders have been made for years by the ladies of the Circle and have been popular items at the Christmas Fair and the Annisquam Exchange..


Select all cotton fabric and thread

Filler can be cotton toweling, cotton quilting batting or a product like Insul Brite, a metalized polyester.

Create a pattern – six inch round pattern appears to be the original size but select a size you think is appropriate.  Cut two pieces of your exterior fabric and two pieces of your insulation material.

Pin them together and sew around the outside edge to keep the insulating material from moving. This can be done by hand or machine. Keep the stitching close to the outside edge so it will not show after the bias tape is sewn on.

You can use half-inch, commercial bias tape or create your own. The following videos show making bias tape with and without a bias tape maker.

Making bias tape

How much bias tape is needed?

C = 2 π r

Circumference equal two times π (3.14) times radius

For a six inch potholder

C = 2×3.14×3

C = 18.84

For a six & one half inch potholder

C = 2×3.14×3.25


If you are making your own bias tape add enough length for the seam.


Fold the tape over the edge. Blind stitch each side.

You can add a plastic or metal ring to use to hang the potholder but most of us appear to have powers in a drawer.  There are pros and cons about adding the ring. The plastic could melt and the metal on could get hot enough to burn your hand. You could make a fabric loop from the bias tape instead.

A Patchwork Potholder

Patchwork strip

Quilt the pieces together through both sides. This will keep the filler in place. Proceed with the bias tape.