February 2023

The Scholarship Committee is contacting rising seniors who live in the Village.

October 7, 2020

Hi all
It’s time to start thinking about the Virtual Christmas Fair and what you may want to
contribute. Below are contributions people have already said they would make. Think outside the box or not. At our last meeting we mentioned that it might be fun to come up with a service you might provide. For example – cookie of the month. This is something that could be shared by two people. You’d each take 6 months and make a batch of cookies to be picked up or delivered to the buyer. Use your imagination and see where it takes you. If you prefer to just take the year off and want to make a cash contribution that’s great too.
Instructions for submitting items to be posted on the website:

Submit your donated item(s) by Nov.12, one item per email to:
[email protected]
Include the following:
-Item name
-Item ID, for example, your initials plus a number, LC101
-A captivating description that would make you want to buy! Try to anticipate any
questions, for example, 24-carat gold, gluten free, two dozen, gift wrapped.
-Include any of the following where appropriate
Care instructions
Special instructions, Etc.
-Selling price
-Number of this item you are offering, if there will be more than one, for example,
Connie’s Pepper Jelly. Each jar should have its own number. CM 101 – 110 for example.

If you are not donating an item that can be picked up on Saturday, Dec. 5, you will still
need to send the information above.
*A Gift Certificate will be sent via email or included in a package to be picked up by
the buyer.
*Be clear if there are time constraints, for example, only in July or mornings, a two
week lead time, weather permitting, four people, outdoors.
5 dozen Chocolate Chip cookies to be delivered/picked up at a mutually agreed upon

The Christmas Fair will open Tuesday Nov. 17 at a time to be selected. You will be
notified. The Fair will close Wednesday, Dec. 2, at a timed to be selected. A team of members will prepare orders for pick up on Saturday, Dec. 5 (details on time and place will follow) Items will be paid for at the time of pick up – cash, check or credit card. If items need to be delivered – cash or check.

Items already offered:
Lighthouse Cards
Coffee in the Greenhouse for 4
Apple Pie
Spaghetti sauce
Chocolate sauce
Needlepoint ornaments
Boat rides
Stenciled bags
Baked good
Cash contributions