Hostesses – Calendar

We are grateful that you volunteer to serve tea for the members of the Annisquam Sewing Circle. It is a lovely tradition. We thank you for keeping it alive. The Hospitality Chair will send the hosts a reminder prior to meeting. Click here for Tea Service Guide Lines.

The Hospitality Chair will ask members to select the dates they wish to serve. You may email the Chair with your selection of dates, first and second dates.

Judy Gustin will be the Hospitality Chair from January through June 2022. She will be contacting the volunteers by phone and email in lieu of this Page. Judy’s contact information: [email protected] ,

Sep. 8 Sue Harris Suzanne Brown Vicki Bourneuf 
Oct. 13    
Nov. 22 Betsey Colby,  Perry McIntosh¬†Annie Sinkinson 
Jan. 10 Connie Mason Judy Gustin Jackie Littlefield 
Feb. 14 Peg Koller
Lee Cunningham
Mar. 14 Lida Bernard Deb Bird Mary Flaherty Chicki Holley
Apr. 11 Donna Caselden Martha Hooper Stevie Neal 
May 09 Germaine Fritz  Dona Shea  

For Hostesses Calendar for Prep/Greens Week